Friday, September 7, 2012

Simple Black Tips

Hi all, sorry I've been MIA for awhile but I've been working my ass off at work doing a whole bunch of overtime so I can have enough spending cash for my vacation which I should add starts today. YAY VACAY TIME!!! So in honor of my vacation I absolutely had to paint my nails. Most women have a simple black dress well this is my version of my simple black tips. For this mani I taped off my tips and used Sinful Colors Black on Black, I then added my favorite tope coat Seche Vite. For my accent nails I used a Read Angel stamping plate sorry folks I don't remember which one and used Konad Special White. I added a Light Blue Rhinestone and there you have it my Simple Black Tips. I'm hoping to start blogging everday again once I get back from vacation. And if any of you are interested we are taking a family road trip down to Cali and stopping in San Jose to visit family, Gilroy Garden Theme Park, Glendale to stay with my best friend Lisa, Then to LA to go to Disneyland & California Adventure, Santa Monica Pier, Venice Beach, Carlsbad to go to Legoland, Bakerfield & Delano to visit more family. Yes we are going to pack that all in 1 week, crazy I know. Have a fantastic weekend readers!!