Friday, June 8, 2012


Good morning everyone! Today I have a treat for you all, I know you have seen this a million times but I'm just too excited to not show this fabulous nail polish. Here is a swatch of Nail-Venturous Floam! I honestly got this polish out of luck. A couple saturdays ago I went in to work and I was just so bored I started looking at the Ninja Polish website to see if they restocked any polishes I was lemming for and to my surprise there was Floam IN STOCK, can you imagine how excited and giddy I was?!? This nail polish is just pure awsomeness. Nail-Venturous is a genius! Now I am hoping to get lucky and buy some of her other polishes.


  1. I can never get sick of this polish! I want this so bad.

    1. I almost gave up on my search, but thankfully I didn't, this polish if a MUST HAVE!