Thursday, May 3, 2012

Challenge Day 4 - Green

The last two nights I wasn't feeling up to painting my nails, so I didn't. Have any of you ever watched Lost? I know a couple of nail bloggers did a lostathon, well I started watching it and it has taken over my life. Allan and I are now on season 3 and it seems like they are finally getting to know the "others". Anyways while I was watching I created my green mani so honestly it isn't the best mani and I blame it on Lost and partially Allan he kept saying to me one more episode until it was midnight and by that time we had to wake up in 5 hours.
Ok on to the challenge, for the base I used 2 coats of Wet n Wild I Need A Refresh-Mint, then used a dotting tool and added dots of China Glaze White on White and on top of those white dots added dots of Zoya Ivanka.

Not my best but hey I have been consumed by Lost.

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  1. This came out gorgeous! I really like your blog so I wanted to bestow you with an award! Here's the link. It will have the instructions. Congrats!