Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Mood Swing Calm/Energized

A couple weekends back I went to Oregon to do some outlet shopping and I went into Icing just to see if they had any good deals, well I found the mood swing nail polishes I so badly wanted to try so I grabbed only two thinking they were kind of on the expensive side, well it turned out it was buy one get one half off, if only I knew I would have bought more. So I went to the Icing store at the closest mall to see if they had the deal and sadly they didn't. But here is 1 of the 2 I bought. The light color = Energized and the dark color = Calm. They are heat activated so as you can see my tips were on the colder side but it made a great effect.

Here is the lid where it shows you which color means what.

And I happened to run my middle and pinky fingers under hot water and my pointer and ring fingers under cold water so you could see the significant difference.

It's a very fun polish and I will buy more once there's another sale.

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