Wednesday, April 18, 2012


I've been meaning to post about my new Helmer for a couple days now since I wrote about it in another post. So here it is everyone my wonderful new Helmer. I did some research and was 50/50 about the Melmer and the Helmer. For those who do not know what either is, a Melmer is a scrapbooking storage unit. It is not actually named a Melmer but it got it's nickname because it functions the same as a Helmer, it is actually called JetMax cubes. These cubes have 3 drawers as opposed to 6 like the Helmer and hearing from other people who own one, it can hold about 100 polishes per drawer. As I went to Michaels to check these babies out I noticed I wasn't too thrilled about the material it was made of, with a very destructive 2 1/2 year old I didn't want to pay $30 (although most of the time it's 40% off for this product) for my son to ruin it. He's in the stage where he's climbing on things and jumping on them. The Melmer is made out of high quality fiberboard and particle board, and since I would be keeping it on the floor because there's no room to put it on my desk I felt it wasn't the best product for me. I decided to take a trip to Ikea to check out the Helmer and right away I knew it was winner. The Helmer has 6 drawers and is made out of steel and is only $40. From reading other bloggers pages a Helmer can hold around 500 polishes, I don't own anywhere near 500 polishes. Right away I headed to the warehouse grabbed the box and checked out. It fits perfectly under my desk so my son can't jump on it.

I decided to arrange my drawers by colors. You see those little labels with the colors on it? Well I was in the other room and came back to the living room an hour later and my son had managed to take each label out and throw them in the trash, you see what I mean about being destructive? I sat him down and told him he should not take the labels out and decided just in case to tape them down. So far they have not been messed with, but I have this feeling that my son will color them one of these days. Sidenote: My stash looks pitiful in these drawer, I will have to do something to change this.

As I was putting all my polish away and started snapping pictures my son came running and wanted to be in the picture. So here is my son Julius next to my Helmer.

Goodness that was a very long post. I hope this post will help anyone who has been on the fence about wanting either a Helmer or Melmer.


  1. Handsome boy.
    What a great collection. I like how you store them.

    1. Thank you Paulina, I appreciate your sweet comments!

  2. New follower here!!! I was doing a google search of melmer vs. helmer (trying to decide which to get) and this post was the 1st I came upon.. And it was EXACTLY what I needed to hear! my daughter is 18 months and also in the 'let me take this apart and stand on it' phase. lol. now there's no question- I need a helmer. Thanks XO not to spam your page or anything but my blog is fairly new if you'd like to drop by and visit sometime I'm at :) Thanks again for this Super Helpful post <3 :)

  3. This is exactly what I needed to hear. I noticed the wood on the sides/top. Where did you get that? And is it good desk height to sit at??