Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Princess Tears

Happy Hump Day! I'm really excited to show you this swatch because a) this is the first time I've ever owned let alone swatched an A-England polish and b) these polishes are beyone awesome! Not to long ago A-England had a sale going on 30% off so I decided to check out their site, unfortunately they were out of the colors I really wanted....Tristam, Saint George and Order of the Garter, so I ended up choosing Princess Tears and Ascalon. Here is 2 coats of Princess Tears and I love it, it's a silver and lilac holo polish. I had a hard time capturing the holo in my pics but IRL it was very clear to see. Not only was it 30% off but I was just so amazed that it was free shipping, even to the US, that made me very happy!

Here's a photo of the bottle, you can see all the pretty colors in there!

Have a wonderful day!