Monday, March 26, 2012

Fishnet Mani

How was everyones weekend? I had a very lazy weekend, had a little get together with some friends I haven't seen in months which was the highlight of my weekend. We also went out for dinner with Allan's family for his brother's birthday. Surprisingly I did not go to any stores and buy nail polish. When I realized that, I immediately went online and started shopping. It is an addiction, no shame. On to the mani.

Since I had my stamping kit out and was in complete stamping mode, I decided to do a fishnet mani. For this I used OPI Buble Bath for my base, then stamped over with Sinful Colors Black on Black and Konad image plate m57. I then taped off my tips and painted them with Black on Black as well.


  1. I love it, this may be the one manicure that convinces me to buy a Konad :)

    1. I have to admit at first I was hesitant to buy it but now that I did there is soo many new mani's I can do, I just love it!