Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Teal Tuesdays - Animal Print

The challenge in the Teal Tuesday group is Animal Print, so I decided I wanted to do zebra stripes. For this challenge I used Sally Hansen The Real Teal for my base and for the stamping I used Sinful Colors Innocent with Konad image plate m57. As for my ring finger I just reversed the colors. So here's my bright colored zebra!

Teal Tuesdays

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On a side note: Wow the day has only started and I have already had a huge surprise. I got to work pretty early so I was just browsing through the newspaper "The Seattle Times" and to my surprise there was a huge picture of two girls I knew. They were in the paper promoting their concerts. Now let me give you some background on how I know them, I used to live with a bunch of friends and one of them started up a band (Dax) and Cat was in the band as the main vocalist with Stas on occasion being backup vocalist. The band didn't stay together due to school work and other things but I am really happy to see Cat & Stas make it. Their group is called THEEsatisfaction, you should totally check them out if like that old school hip hop vibe. So congrats Cat & Stas!